One Hundred Million Footsteps

“Why wouldn’t you buy her for what she is instead of trying to make her what you are?”

Leo is a shepherd, alone on a hill under a sky thick with cloud. Day in day out he looks after his dead master’s sheep without any hope for tomorrow. Then along comes Grace, her eyes bright with zeal, encouraging him to come with her on a mission to bring back the Sun and make the world light again. On the way they encounter a Landworker who despises those who believe in the Sun and then a strange girl who has a box full of candles and moonlight in her eyes. And who is this man with a telescope who has profit on his mind?

A play about religious faith, friendship and struggling to find compassion in a world of fear.

“…an eloquent condemnation of the zealotry and greed that starts wars and licences genocide….….a lasting and affecting impression of heroism and sacrifice.” Ronnie Haydon, “Time Out”

“…Samuels’ language always appears simple and direct but it has an inky depth and complexity.” Lyn Gardner, “The Guardian”

Produced by Quicksilver Theatre Company for national tour of England, 1997; and by Gwent Young People’s Theatre company for tour of Wales, 2006.

For 8 year olds+

Cast: 3 male; 3 female

Running time: approx 60 mins