Cinderella's Daughter

“Happily ever after is about to end…”

Cinderella has been dead for one year and the court decrees that her widowed husband must remarry. The fairy-tale prince, now a grieving king, still has Cinderella’s glass slipper – could it work for him again? But the only foot the slipper now fits belongs to his own daughter. To escape a most unnatural replay of her mother’s happy fate, the girl must run away and become a skivvy in the faraway palace of another prince. Now what? Does she go to the ball and capture his heart? Or is she going to find a different kind of future? The unexpected tale of Cinderella’s daughter and her epic journey from splendour to ashes and not quite back again.

Produced on radio by BBC Radio 4 in 1997 and for theatre by Trestle Theatre Co, Edinburgh Fringe and national tour, 2005.

Cast: 3 females; 4 – 5 males. Running time: 100 mins including interval.