Get Over Yourself

"His portrait spoke to me. And my eyes filled up. Then he spoke to me. And my ears filled up. And not just my ears and eyes. All of me is filled up with him him him. He’s juicier than oranges. I swear he is golden. And he might think that his picture is more sensational than him. But he is wrong. Because that’s just paint. And he’s a whole body with skin and breath and hair and eyes and a mouth…and they’re all so very very real."



GET OVER YOURSELF tells the story of 13 year old Eden's first experience of falling in love and her rite of passage into the world of adult relationships.

As soon as she sees the portrait of Lucien painted by her older brother, Oz, she becomes besotted with this beautiful, unattainable young man who is determined to make himself a figure of media attention. Eden would do anything to get him to notice her, no matter how he behaves and what he does.

This is a classical myth with contemporary edge that grapples with what it is to love someone who only loves himself in world obsessed with celebrity and image.





A city street at night.


Spike, Oscar and Lucien stride down the street.

Lucien is dressed in faded jeans and white tee shirt. He looks so fine.

Spike is dressed entirely in black. Cool as cool. He carries a camera.

Oscar carries a bouquet of roses.


Eden hides in the shadows and watches.


Lucien suddenly stops.



Lucien: How about taking some more shots here….

Oscar: Have to do it another time….

Lucien: What this…



Lucien stands in the lamplight, casting a shadow.



Lucien: What d’you think, Spike…?



Spike starts to focus his camera on Lucien.



Oscar: We’ll be late for the gig.

Spike: These things always start late.


Oscar looks anxiously at his watch.



Spike: Go ahead, Oz.

Lucien: We’ll catch up.



Oscar clutches the flowers with care.



Oscar: Are you sure?

Lucien/Spike: Sure.

Oscar: Ok. See you both there.

Spike/Lucien: See you.



Oscar heads off up the street and disappears.

Eden remains in the shadows watching Lucien and Spike.



Spike: Shoes off?



Lucien takes off his shoes and socks and stands in some rubble and litter.



Lucien: Raw. Right?


Spike takes photos.


Lucien: Down more?


Spike: Show me.



Lucien crouches down and then as the photographing continues, lies down.



Spike: Remember….What we’re after…….is…Real.


Lucien: ….the Real Moment…


Spike: ….the Real Now…The Real You…The Real World….


Lucien: Try some close ups.



Spike comes closer with the camera.



Lucien: Closer ups.


Spike experiments with various angles and close ups.



Spike: Hold still.



Lucien holds still.

Spike takes lots of photos.



Lucien: How about not still!



Lucien suddenly moves, darts and turns.

Spike has to chase to catch the moments.



Spike: Slow down.


Lucien: Too real for you?


Spike: Stop! Now! Look right here.



Lucien suddenly stops right up close and stares directly into the lens.

Spike takes a series of swift photos.



Spike: Enough.


Lucien: What have we got?



Lucien joins Spike as they replay the photos on the viewer of the camera.

They make comments: “Fine”, “Ok”, “Possible” and laugh or “Nah”.



Spike: Some workable stuff.


Lucien: You really think anyone’ll be interested?


Spike: NNT, Lucien. That’s going to be you.


Lucien: Ready for the gig?


Spike: I’m heading home to download and work on these.


Lucien: What about seeing Oscar’s songbird?


Spike: You see what she’s like. Check out this new club too. Let me know if it’s worth my time.


Lucien: Can’t tempt you to a couple of drinks?


Spike: Get yourself some fun, beauty magnet. Be and find the fabulous wherever you can.

Then take me to it, take us all to it. This is your mission.


Lucien: Aye, aye Cap’n!



Lucien mock salutes.



Spike: Stop trying, Lucien.


Lucien: Sorry.


Spike: Never ever try.



Lucien stills, feigns neutral, blank.



Spike: Better. Not perfect. But better.



Lucien swings round and heads off.


Spike watches, takes a photo of Lucien departing and then leaves.


Eden creeps after Lucien.


In the distance, music plays. It is alluring, original and passionate.


Lucien glides the city streets alone, becoming more and more like an image in a music video.

Eden becomes more and more entranced, awe-struck.


Suddenly Lucien stops and turns.



Lucien: Who’s here…..?


Eden freezes stock still.


Lucien: Why are you hiding?






Lucien: Let’s meet.


Echo: Let’s meet?



Lucien spies Eden.



Lucien: Are you following me?



Eden is too embarrassed and tongue-tied to speak.



Lucien: You can be straight with me, you know.






Lucien: Well, Echo?


Eden: I can’t say.


Lucien: But this is your chance.


Eden: D’you mind if I am following you?


Lucien: Depends what you’re after.


Eden: Nothing really.


Lucien: Everyone’s after something.



Eden shakes her head.



Lucien: You can tell me anything. You do realise that.


Eden: Can I?


Lucien: I understand.


Eden: Do you?


Lucien: Admit it. I dare you. And if you do..If you’re brave enough…

Who knows what might happen.


Eden: It’s stupid…


Lucien: I don’t mind stupid…I can be stupid enough for two of

us…Trust me. What do you really want right here right now…Your heart’s desire?


Eden: A kiss.


Lucien: Is that so?



Eden nods, can’t bear to look at him.


Lucien steps to her, smiling.



Lucien: Hey now.



He kisses her gently on top of her head.



Lucien: Okay?


Eden: Okay?


Lucien: Don’t tell me you want more.


Eden: More.



Lucien laughs.

Eden covers her face with embarrassment.