How To Beat a Giant

“Tell me, giant lady, if you were me and I was about to do to you what you’re about to do to me, what would you do to save yourself?”

It is bedtime for Sniff and his older sister Lenny. Time to retire to their respective bunks. Lenny has the top bunk. Sniff has the bottom bunk. Lenny calls the shots. Time also for the story about Molly Whuppie and how she tricks the giant. But what happens after the story when the lights are out and the babysitter is downstairs watching telly? What happens when Lenny forces Sniff to act out the story taking all the best parts for herself? What happens when the giant comes to life and Sniff grows bigger in his boots and, for once, gets the upper hand?

Sniff and Lenny must struggle with the giants and, in the process of beating them, find a new way of getting on with each other which doesn’t depend on force.

A play about sibling bullying, the use, misuse and outright abuse of power, and how to get over it.

National schools tour, SNAP People’s Theatre Trust, Jan to July 1995; Unicorn Theatre, Nov 2007.

For 7 year olds+

Cast: 2 male; 2 female

Running Time: approx 60 mins