Toilet of Venus


Vanessa and Vincent are married, but not to each other. Venus has appeared in their lives, turning them on, drawing them to climb into the bath and bed together. They resist. They draw closer. They question. They desire. Is this true love, lust or a miraculous combination of the two?
Inspired by the painting by Velazquez of Venus reclining naked, her face reflected in the mirror, Toilet of Venus is a modern day glimpse of our connection with the Divine.

(Short play, Cast: 2 females and 1 male, First performed at The Miniaturists, Arcola Theatre, May 2009)


Extract from TOILET OF VENUS - how it begins


A mirror draped with pink ribbon.

A picture of “The Rokeby Venus” – naked Venus reclines on a bed upon a dark throw upon a white bedspread. Her back is turned, her face reflected in a mirror draped with pink ribbon, Cupid hovering beside it.

A bowl of water.

Vanessa, wearing a white robe, appears.

She kneels before the bowl and bathes her face and hair.

Sounds of the ocean.

Venus, wearing a white robe, appears.


VENUS: Venus stirs……somewhere underwater…..birth me, she dreams… imagines...

is called…..calls….Venus offers…..come love… be….in all ways…..surge free…..

delight…. swell beyond your skin…drown......surface… a liquid life…..

What on earth else are you for?

Venus approaches Vanessa, submerges her hands in the bowl of water, washes Vanessa.